The Cubelets arrived!

Exciting times in modular robotics land! A former coworker of mine started a company aptly named "Modular Robotics" who, over the past years, developed a modular robotic toy construction kit named Cubelets. After spending years finding out how hard developing a hardware product is, they finally shipped the first batch of 100 beta release kits recently shipped. Being excited about having modular robots around that (unlike my own research modular robots) function reliably, I couldn't resist shooting a short video of my first experiments with Cubelets. 

A big thank you goes to my production assistant and partner-in-crime-at-large @cojofra.

Some potentially useful links if you are interested in Cubelets:

  • The official Getting Started guide
  • Short video (made by someone who knows how to edit video much better than I do) demonstrating Cubelets by Modular Robotics themselves
  • A 50 minute talk (mostly) about Cubelets by Eric at the University of Boulder 
  • Cubelets unboxing video by Per, author of the Flexibility Envelope blog